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Before & After pictures from the beginning until 4th Boxes used. The Picture has been showed  noticeable result since the first box and improving result when use continuedly. The testimonial has been trailed for 56 Days (about 2 Month) 

Eiank  Kennysak

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Noticeable results since 2nd Fresh Activation Ampoules(FAA), Smoother and soften skin.

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Khampho Souvannalath

Impressive results after 1st. box LugahLugah and continuously use regarding to the efficient pore minimized, smoother, brighter and moisturizer  skin. 

Rachsrin Boonyasithmethee

I really like this concentrated vitamin's serum. If you have a problem with wrinkles and freckles, g dark spots and acne marks, I would recommend this serum.

I felt completely comfortable skin after application, no sticky feel 

unlike some skincare products 

Tratsavarn  Hirunrintath

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